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How to create an admin password

The following guide demonstrates how you can set a password for your installed Ozeki product. By doing this procedure, you can keep all your important contacts, calls, or messages stored in Ozeki safe. The setting of a new password does not take more than 2-3 minutes. This document is organized into 3 simple and straightforward steps and does not require any further knowledge. So, let's get started!

The installation process of Ozeki SMS Gateway creates a default 'admin' account for you. It uses this account for the first login process and it has no password. To secure this account with a password you need the create one for that. To do this, first, you need to log out (Figure 1). This can be done by clicking on the Start menu icon, and select Log out.

how to logout from ozeki
Figure 1 - Log out using the Start menu

After clicking on the Log out button, the Change Password form shows up as you can see it in Figure 2. This is the form, where you can set your new password. First, just type your new password in the 'New password' field, then retype it in the 'Confirm new password' field. When you have done it, just click on 'Save' to store the new password.

how to set an admin password in ozeki
Figure 2 - Set a password before logging out

At this point, you logged out from Ozeki SMS Gateway, and set a password for your account. So now, you can simply just log in using the newly created password. On the login form (Figure 3) just type your username in the 'Username' field. This username is 'admin' by default. Then type the password you set in the 'Password' field. Finally, just click on 'OK' to log in to Ozeki SMS Gateway.

how to login with the new ozeki password
Figure 3 - Log in with the new password

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