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How to send sms alert when motion detected

The next document gives you a brief introduction to how you can send alert SMS messages from your motion detection connection. This page contains a step by step guide which first, shows how you can connect to an SMS modem using an SMS connection. Then it demonstrates how to use your camera as a motion detector and send alert to the SMS connection when it detects motion.

Step 1 - Open Control Panel

The first step of this guide is to open the Control Panel application, where you can create various connection types to connect different applications and devices (Figure 1).

Open Control Panel
Figure 1 - Open Control Panel

Step 2 - Create new connection

To create an SMS modem connection in Control Panel, you need to click on the Create new Connection button and then select the Messaging option (Figure 2).

Create new connection
Figure 2 - Create new connection

Under the Messaging select the SMS type connection as you can see in Figure 3.

SMS type connection
Figure 3 - SMS type connection

You can connect different SMS connections such as CIMD2, SMPP, or UCP but now we use the SMS modem so select the SMS modem type as Figure 4 shows.

SMS type connection
Figure 4 - SMS type connection

Step 4 - Connect to GSM modem

In the Connection details menu, you need to select the port, where you connected the modem. For that, just click on the Autodetect button as you can see in Figure 5.

Select modem port
Figure 5 - Select modem port

This Autodetect option will detect your modem, and if it is connected right the following window should show up like in Figure 6.

Figure 6 - Autodetect

Step 5 - Enable GSM modem

To handle SMS messages with this connection, first, you need to enable the connection (Figure 7) by turning on the switch button in the connection details window.

Enable GSM modem
Figure 7 - Enable GSM modem

Step 6 - Open Camera Recorder

After you have the SMS Modem connection to send SMS, you need a motion detector. To create a motion detector open the Camera Recorder app from the desktop as you can see on the Figure 8.

Open Camera Recorder
Figure 8 - Open Camera Recorder

Step 7 - Create new Vision connection

In the Camera Recorder application's home page click on the "Create new camera" button and select the Vision type (Figure 9).

Create new Vision connection
Figure 9 - Create new Vision connection

From the Vision type connections select the Motion connection to create a Motion detector (Figure 8).

Select Motion connection
Figure 10 - Select Motion connection

Step 8 - Specify motion connection details

In the Camera Details menu, select the camera device you want to use and in the Alert section, check the "Send alert message" box. In the To connection section select the SMS modem connection that you created before and then, enter to the To Address field, what is the phone number where you want to send the message. In the message box enter the message you want to send if the motion is detected. Finally, click on the OK button (Figure 11).

Specify motion connection details
Figure 11 - Specify motion connection details

Step 9 - Motion detector created

After that, you can see motion detector is created as Figure 12 shows.

Motion detector created
Figure 12 - Motion detector created

Step 10 - SMS received

Now if motion is detected on the camera, the detector will send you an SMS to the specified phone number as you can see in Figure 13.

SMS received
Figure 13 - SMS received

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